Motorcycle Tracking

Etraq also tracks motorcycles and you can remotely stop their engine from anywhere,at anytime on your phone,tablet or laptop.

Etraq limited`s Technology  is a portable, stand-alone smart telemetry device for motorsports. It tracks your performance, provides feedback in real-time and stores your performance data to instantly share results with friends. This standalone device attaches to your vehicle without cables or wires and begins a recording session that feeds directly to your phone with the push of a button or, if you don’t have the smartphone with you, stores your information into the internal memory until it’s ready to be synced.

Etraq limited`s Technology  is the perfect performance gadget for not only athletes, but developers too.Etraq limited`s Technology is an open and multi sport device built with Android software that is also compatible with iOS devices. Use Etraq limited`s Technology open API to develop new applications for any sport. So, whether you love motocross, go carting, snowboarding or anything else, Etraq limited`s Technology allows you to unlock infinite possibilities for your favorite sport.Learn more ‎

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