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Etraq limited also provides safety for your assets 24/7 from anywhere in the world through your phone or computer.Know the dispatch time,route play back with SMS alerts.You can also know the temperature for goods inside the container,if it drops or rises beyond the normal temperature,the tracker suddenly alerts you.

What is Asset Tracking?
Asset tracking refers to the method of using GPS to stay up-to-date on the whereabouts of specific objects or vehicles. A business owner or private consumer may choose to utilise asset tracking for a number of reasons which may include:
• Asset is valuable and owner wants to ensure that it is not lost
• Multiple assets are on the move and the owner wants to be able to keep track of all of them
• Owner cannot be present for the movement of the asset and wants to ensure its safe travel
• Asset is not supposed to be on the move and owner wants to be able to check its location and ensure that it is still safely in storage
• Business owner is hoping to ensure timely travel and/or arrival of shipment
• Valuable items are being kept somewhere unusual; for example, a collection of artwork or artifacts is being showcased in a gallery or museum and the owner wants to be assured of their safe keeping
What Kinds of Assets Can be Tracked?
The kinds of assets that can be tracked are nearly limitless. While it is most common for business owners to track fleet vehicles driven by their employees, it is also possible for them to track other objects as well.

Some of these may be:
• Pharmaceuticals
• Jewellery
• Shipments in transit
• High end products
• Merchandise
• Valuable collections
• Containers on cargo ships
• Artwork or artifacts
Nearly anything that a business owner or private consumer may wish to keep an eye on can be tracked. Custom GPS tracking devices can be created for tracking unique objects in the event that the market does not provide the right tool. For example, tracking a shipment of pharmaceuticals would require a custom device that can be embedded inside of a pill bottle, while tracking the whereabouts of jewellery on the move would require a special jewellery box with a custom-designed commercial tracking device nestled inside. It is possible to design customized GPS tracking devices to meet your specific tracking needs.

Choosing the Right GPS Tracking Device for You
Whether you are selecting a merchandise tracker to monitor the transportation of a small valuable asset or a commercial tracking device to monitor the shipment of a large cargo container on a ship, you can rest assured that the technology you need is most likely available. With a wide variety of tracking devices on the market, and the option to create customized housing and user interface programming, you can ensure that you have the ability to track exactly what you want, how you want, and when you want.

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