Self Defense Taser 5M Range-Black


• Purse design, good feeling. Has laser light for aim shooting. Range 5-8metres
• With durable appearance, small and easy to carry, popular among law enforcers.
• with very high voltage electric shocking
• 3 shot cartridges, weighs 500grams
• Rechargeable and charge time for 6-8hrs before use.
• No using while on charging.
• Has Flashlight for sight light, it could penetrate 2 inches thick garment of gangster.
• You need to keep charge one time in each month to make sure the power enough, if the Stun/Taser gun was not used during this time.
• Input Volume:4.5V,Output Voltage:5000k

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This device is only allowed to be carried by persons in 18 years of age or elder. Purchaser must only use the Taser gun in a lawful manner for self-defense. Keep away from Children and flammable materials.


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