Public and Private Transport Surveillance

There is an increased global awareness about the benefits of Public transportation. Public transportation is undergoing a renaissance around the globe, but more is still needed. Effective software systems that can help in managing the operation of those huge fleets are inevitable.

From fare collection to intelligent transportation systems (ITS), we meet public transit daily operational challenges with innovative and efficient transportation management solutions.

We help you reduce operational costs and improve services—whether through flexible payment methods or reliable schedules. We help make transit simple for passengers worldwide.
• Provides visibility of transit users activity from anywhere in the world.
• Deters criminals and vandals
• Provides valuable evidence when incidents occur, whether crime, mechanical or safety related
• Alerts you unauthorised access of restricted areas by way of automated alerts triggered through motion detection in set areas.
• Provides defence against liability claims
• Empower you with visibility across your entire transit operation whether on internet or not.
• Eliminate paperwork
• Enhance customer service
• Receive insurance discounts
• Expect an easy upgrade path as you grow.