New Technology for lock management,No more batch of keys required to open different locks,thus saving time and work efficiency.Experience our smart locks and keys where one key unlocks 1000+ locks,assign key upto 100 users.Monitor lock operations about who and when the locks were operated in real time.
Management can schedule lock time,if time is exceeded locks cannot be opened without authorisation from management.Lost keys can be blacklisted and replaced via platform,no worries to lost or stolen keys. The system can also notify user about unlocked lock that require locking.

System Introduction
• System Composition: Passive electronic lock, smart fingerprint electronic key, phone APP, system management software.
• System Install and Setup: First enter the unique ID code of vehicles in the system software platform, bound license plate number, give staffs unlock permission, match the smart locks installed on different vehicles, assign the key to staff at last.
• System Application: The staff need to verify the fingerprint first, unlock the lock on vehicles. The keys will record the operation time automatically. Then upload the data into control center. Software will analysis the data automatically, manager can inquiry and analysis the operation data through phone or PC.
• System Meaning: Solve so many problems through intelligent technology, improve the current management problems and risks. It can not only guarantee the safety goods, but also form an effective traceable management.

System Design Purpose
• Solve the problem of not being able to truly record the operation time.
• Solve the problem of easy replacement of lead blockade and high cost of daily use consumables.
• Add fingerprint recognition technology to solve the problem that locks cannot accurately identify the staff who operate the lock.
• One key can open multiple locks, solve the problem of too many keys that is difficult to distinguish.
• Unlocking one lock with multiple keys solves the problem of division of responsibilities.
• Add lock records function.
• Add blacklist function to solve the safety problems caused by the lost keys.
• With the business needs of logistics and transportation safety management, achieve better management.
• Realize unified management of personnel and locks through system software.