Vehicle tracking

We are highly experienced and skilled professionals in the field of vehicle tracking and fleet management, and offer secure software systems, accountability and management efficacy. This means that you do less administrative work, so you can get on with expanding your business and making it more profitable without having to worry about tracking your fleet manually. Investing in a top of the line vehicle tracking system makes business sense when you are moving and collecting large and small supplies. Our solution operates from the comfort of your business premises, through your computer, app or via SMS. Our software is a web based and affordable, ensuring a successful on-going business partnership with clients. This gives you the scope to oversee the optimum functionality of your company, while also making new business deals and growing your company. Etraq takes pride in being able to offer a premium vehicle tracking services to logistics and fleet management companies across Uganda and elsewhere. We give you real time tracking, detailed reports ,alerts and satellite mapping for each vehicle of your fleet, allowing you to define how best to manage your fleet of vehicles for best business practise over a long time period. Make a wise decision today.

Our device will provide us “live” 24/7 information reporting on the whereabouts of the subject vehicle. It will provide us with the exact location of the road the vehicle is traveling/parked, the speed the vehicle is traveling, the time the vehicle stops and the time it starts off again. There’s no escaping!!

Our GPS tracking devices for cars provide a wealth of information you can use to improve your business. When you track your company cars, you receive regular updates on vehicle location, speed and direction of travel. In addition to tracking your employees, this information can be used for planning and coordination purposes, boosting your ability to serve customers in the best way possible.

Real-time car tracking devices report location every few minutes, which allows you to view the vehicle’s location, direction and speed practically instantaneously. On the other hand, passive GPS car trackers store the location information for download at a later time.

Which one is right for you? It depends on your needs. Let Track Your Truck help you determine whether you need real-time or passive tracking devices for cars, and whether a cellular or satellite system or a mix of the two would serve you best.

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