Waiter Calling System

This is a wireless system that work RF technology with a transmission range of 100m to 150m coverage distance in an open area and is 100% plug and play, battery operated system. It consists of Transmitters, Receivers and Repeaters.
• Wireless Etraq buttons (with options like call, bill, drink, cancel) are kept on each table.
• Tables are grouped in to different groups assigned to different waiters. For example; here water A have table 1,2,3 and water B have table 4,5,6 to look after for service.
• The display receiver is kept at counter station. The table number of the table asking for service is displayed with an audio alert to notify the counter man. This is optional
• The waiters’ watches are alerted for the calls coming from their respective tables only. For example; here waiter A gets service calls from table 1,2,3, waiter B gets service calls from table 4,5,6 only and the manager gets calls for all the tables.

Advantages of the Etraq Wireless Waiter Calling System
• Unique guest experience.
• Improvised hospitality.
• Discrete communication between waiters and customers.
• Fast and quick services for guests.
• Reduction in waiting time for customers.
• Efficient use of manpower.
• Module and flexible systems.
• Hassle free wireless installation.
• Low maintenance cost system.
• Technology oriented and user friendly