Guard Tour System

Guard Tour System
What Is Guard Tour System?
Guard tour system is a variety of access control system, is a kind of flexible use of the access control system.
It is mainly used in schools, hospitals, factories, forestry and any industry which need to ensure safety. The purpose is to help the enterprise leadership or management personnel carry our effective supervision and management to the patrol staff and working records through the system. At the same time, the system can also report more details of patrolling line in a certain period.
Three benefits of guard tour system
1. Simplicity & Convenience
2. Time Saving and Reliability
3. Less Cost & More Efficiency

How does it work?
Basic/Offline Style
Instead of the traditional way, recording with paper, guard tour system born as a smart device to check the points. With a gentle scanning, the guards’ working efficiency will be improved by using this handheld equipment and it could be on their belt when they are checking something or walking on the line to the next stipulated point. Those devices will remember the data by using their brain called memory chip which is more reliable than the paper cause its large storage. There is no need for concerning whether we have enough time to organize the data in time. The only thing we need to do is upload the data once or twice a week, and the system will analyze data and generate a report automatically.

Online Style
With the increase of people’s needs to multiple functions, more series are produced. Most of the product’s cloud has the feature of the clock, alarm, flashlight, man-down by setting in the software. Special design will be provided based on customers’ special requirements, such as biological recognition(fingerprint), GPS tracking, 3g/4g/WIFI real-time uploading … You can even make a phone call.
It’s easier than use basic style, and you will gain the reports for more details like patrol line, locations of the guard, etc.
Use Less Time, Get Information Earlier.

Basic guard tour system
Real Time guard tour system
GPS guard tour system
Cloud Software
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